Frequently Asked Questions

Details about our work is the ultimate destination for all things lottery. Get instant results, track jackpot sizes and follow the latest lottery news. If you’re in one of our LIVE states you can play the real games right from your personal cabinet! You’ll never have to worry about losing your ticket or checking your numbers, and you’ll get 100 percent of your winnings. If we haven’t launched live ticket play in your state yet, you can still get alerts, results, check jackpot sizes, and track your tickets in the personal cabinet.

Yes! Your winnings will remain on your balance, so you can play more tickets or request a withdrawal, and we will send you 100 percent of your winnings.

No. Best Lotto Club is a ticket management service, which means we manage the interest of the ticket on our users’ behalf. We can’t control or alter the odds or winners of any lottery game.

When you register with Best Lotto Club, you will provide us with basic contact information. This ensures we can get in touch if you win.

All winnings are automatically credited into your online account (personal cabinet). You can transfer these funds directly to your bank account, or into your Account Balance or make bitcoin withdrawal.

It is our official affiliate program. This allows your business or blog to partner with Best Lotto Club by advertising our services in return for a percentage of sales generated. The program is free of charge.



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